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Yo-kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch is a show about invisible spirits that are hidden all over and they are responsible for all kinds of mischief (like when people argue over unimportant things). The main character is Nate, a regular kid, who finds a magical Yo-kai butler named Whisper. Whisper gives Nate a Yo-kai Watch that lets him see all the Yo-kai around him; the show follows Nate, Whisper and all his Yo-kai friends on their adventures.

Back in February, I got to try out some of the cool toys from Yo-kai Watch and then invite some friends over for some fun and surprises. Thanks to Hasbro for providing the Yo-kai Watch toys! All opinions are our own.

There is a crazy song that plays at the end of every Yo-kai Watch episode with all the characters dancing along to it. My sister Gwen and I started dancing too. I thought you might like to join in the fun….

You can learn all about Yo-kai Watch on the official site: Yo-kai World.

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