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Ten Dog Commandments

Image: Liam Walsh

Image: Liam Walsh

1. Dogs put up such of a fuss. They just go around and bark at the bus.

2. The dogs chew up the couch. I don’t know what they do, They just whine with their mouth.

3. They chew up the rug. They just roll around in the mud.

4. They jump on the table. I don’t think this table is a stable.

5. They eat food that’s lyin’ around. They don’t know what to do; they eat it on the ground.

6. They bark, and they go ruff all day and all night. I don’t know what to do, but when they do, they’re a fright.

7. They play with other puppies and other dogs. And when the dogs are in the mud, they act like hogs.

8. They try to play catch, but what you want them to do is just fetch!

9. They sleep all day. They play all night. Then when it’s daytime they sometimes catch a kite.

10. They sniff, and they listen. Out of the trash, they eat beef and chicken.

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