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Pokemon Quiz Questions

Made April, 2017

Please do all questions IN ORDER, no skipping unless you give up.

NO RESEARCHING! You can do a bit beforehand, but once you read the first question, research is out of bounds.

  1. True or false: Girafarig is a pure Psychic-type.
  2. Which of these is not the name of a core Pokémon game? A. Fire Red, B. White 2, C. SuperSilver, D. Omega Ruby
  3. How many generations have there been?
  4. True or false: There is an anchor Pokémon.
  5. What could Hoopa be categorized as? A. Mischief Pokémon, B. Djinn Pokémon, C. Both, D. Neither
  6. How many Pokémon are there? A. 151, B. 386, C. 649, D. 802
  7. True or false: Dragonite is capable of mega evolution.
  8. Which of these is not the name of one of the playable characters in the core Pokémon games? A. Joseph, B. Moon, C. Krystal, D. Calem
  9. How many types are there?
  10. True or false: Arcanine can be categorized as the Intimidation Pokémon.
  11. Which of these is not a type? A. Fairy, B. Dark, C. Air, D. Ground
  12. What type(s) belong(s) to Aurorus?
  13. True or false: There are at least 3 Pokémon that start with each letter.
  14. Which of these types does not belong to any member in Larvitar’s family? A. Rock, B. Dark, C. Ground, D. They all do
  15. How many Pokémon have Fairy as their first type, and still have another type?
  16. True or false: Fighting type is super effective against Bug type.
  17. How many Pokémon are pure Rock type? A. 8, B. 11, C. 17, D. 29
  18. There are several cat Pokémon, but how many Pokémon have “cat” in their name, cat-like or otherwise?
  19. True or false: There is a total of 26 types of Poké Balls.
  20. Trapinch is the Ant Pit Pokémon. What could its evolutions be described as? A. Vibration Pokémon, B. Mystic Pokémon, C. Both, D. Neither
  21. Which of these is not a move? A. After You, B. Destructo Ball, C. Attack Order, D. Ion Deluge

Answers to the questions will come out in about a week.

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