Pokemon Quiz Answers

Last week, we ran a Pokemon quiz, and here are the answers! You can compare with your own answers to see what you got right, and I’ll put an answer scoring thing below. You don’t have to look at the answer score, but it’s there if you want it. If you are sensitive and you got at least a semi-bad score, you might want to leave that bit alone.

  1. False: Girafarig is a Normal-Psychic type.
  2. C. SoulSilver is the name of a game, but not SuperSilver.
  3. VII or 7
  4. True: It’s called Dhelmise and is literally an anchor covered with seaweed. What will they come up with next, a Pokémon that is literally living pollution? Oh wait.
  5. C. Normal Hoopa is the Mischief Pokémon, but it can change into Hoopa Unbound form, making it the Djinn Pokémon and making it look a lot scarier in the process.
  6. D. I know there are a lot of Pokémon, but I’m not complaining!
  7. False: Dragonite is incapable of mega evolution. Imagine if it was; nope, nevermind, too scary.
  8. A. Moon is the female character in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Krystal is the female character in, you guessed it, Crystal, and Calem is the male character in X&Y, but no Joseph.
  9. There are 18 types, and each Pokémon has 1 or 2 of them.
  10. False: Arcanine was originally meant to be a Legendary Pokémon, so it’s categorized as the Legendary Pokémon.
  11. C. There’s a Flying type, but no Air type.
  12. Aurorus is a Rock-Ice type Pokémon. You may have heard the phrase “never throw a rock at a glass house”. Someone must have thrown a Rock at an Ice structure, making the Rock and Ice morph and come alive. Imagine the reaction of the person who threw the Rock!
  13. True: There are exactly three that start with X, but at least 3 for each letter.
  14. D. Larvitar and Pupitar are Rock-Ground, and Tyranitar is a Rock-Dark.
  15. 2. Togetic and Togekiss are both Fairy-Flying types.
  16. False: Fighting type is actually not very effective against Bug types. Imagine a huge Fighting-type going against a tiny little Caterpie. “AAUGH! THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK I HAVE LOST TO A TINY BUG!! WHY?!?!
  17. B. Only 11 Pokémon are pure Rock-type, the others are with another type.
  18. 5 Pokémon have “cat” in their name, only 2 of them actually being cats.
  19. False: There is a total of 27 types of Poké Balls.
  20. C. Vibrava is the Vibration Pokémon, and Flygon is the Mystic Pokémon.
  21. B. Destructo Ball is not a move, but the others are, surprising as it may be.

How many did you get right?

0-6: You just did this quiz because it looked fun, didn’t you? There’s a wiki called Bulbapedia if you want to get into Pokemon.

7-12: There’s room for improvement, but don’t worry! A friend of mine has been playing pretty much since it came out and he got a bunch of answers wrong.

13-16: You are pretty good at this! You must have been into it for a while.

17-21: Congratulations! You are a Pokemon Master! Well, either that or you know a lot. Or both.

Thank you for doing my quiz!

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