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PAX West 2016: All the Games!

I went to PAX West 2016 and it was great.

Madoc playing Battlefield 1

Photo by Ryan Hiller

One game that I saw there was Battlefield 1. It is a first person WWI game. To play the game we had to wait in a line. The line was not too long, and once we got through, I got a 7 minute demo that included tanks, planes, and WWI weapons.

Screenshot of Forts

Photo from Earth Work Games

Another game I played was called Forts. This is game where you build a fort and shoot at an enemy fort. This game reminds me of Pocket Tanks, but it is more complex.

Madoc playing Hob

Photo by Ryan Hiller

HOB is a game where you run around, solve puzzles and fight monsters. We got to meet the creator of the game, which was kind of cool. He showed me if you cut down the grass, you might get strawberries which improves your health.


Echo was cool because the enemy is copies of your character. The copies learn from your actions so, for example, if you shoot one of them they will learn to shoot too. This makes beating the copies abundantly challenging.

I was on the GeekDad and GeekMom panel with five other people and we talked about geeky things we each like to do. I shared the names of games that I play like Total War. I felt good after.

See you next year

Photo by Ryan Hiller

Next year at PAX I’m super exited to see the new games.

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