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Joseph’s 3rd Letter

Dear Filona Pyrochurn,


Frank said (with disgust) that his brother’s name was Melvin. I asked him to elaborate on his disgust, and he reluctantly said that his twin brother was untrustworthy and overall cruel. Then he said that he had some “important stuff” to do. My theory is that their names are Tod and Melvin, but neither of them liked their names. But they are being frank (har har) about their hatred of each other, so they still call the other by their birthname.

You seem trustworthy, so I will let some information out. I am 22 years of age, and I just graduated from college a few months ago. I have two pet dogs, both Cocker Spaniels, named Michael and Lucy, after my grandparents. I am an only child. I have not read Jane Eyre, but I heard good things about it. I am currently in the middle of the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. I am an author, and I write such non-bestsellers as The Steeple of the Choir and the Captain Normal series. In my spare time, I draw and make YouTube videos. YouTube is fairly new, so you may not have heard of it.

Joseph William McKennely

P.S. I can’t help but notice that your date is almost 50 years off. Is that possibly a typo?

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