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History Quiz Questions

This quiz isn’t really based off of useful stuff, just useless tidbits from a show called Horrible Histories. So if you are a parent and you want to quiz your kids on useful stuff, you have been warned. Also, it’s a British show, so much of it is based on British history.

Also, I am not 100% sure on some of these answers, due to them just being useless tidbits and not many people make websites for such stuff.

  1. Which of these did politician Walter Rothschild do? Did he A. Have a carriage pulled by zebras, B. Have snakes wrapped around the banisters, C. Have dinner parties with monkeys, D. All of these?
  2. Who ruled England after Edward III?
  3. Which of these laws did Queen Elizabeth I enact? A. Everyone must wear wool hats on Sundays, B. No one could wear cloaks, C. Purple could only be worn by high nobility, D. All of these
  4. How did Robert Walpole become English prime minister? A. He threatened to assassinate George I, B. He said that God said that he was the chosen one, C. He took advantage of George I not knowing much English, D. Paid a lot of money to Parliament
  5. Which of these things did Greek thinker Diogenes do? A. He ate a ball of tin foil every day, B. He spent his life naked in a barrel, C. He had 7 wives, D. All of these
  6. Which of these did Roman Emperor Nero not kill or have killed? A. His father B. His mother C. His stepbrother D. His wife
  7. Which of these did one of the pilgrims bring along to the USA? A. A bunch of dirty rags B. A bunch of shoes C. A bunch of pineapples D. All of these
  8. Which of these phrases did William Shakespeare not come up with? A. Seen Better Days, B. Pure As The Driven Snow, C. It’s Greek To Me D. He came up with all of these
  9. How many English kings and queens were part of the Tudor family?
  10. After WWII, to whom did Prime Minister Winston Churchill lose against in the vote?
  11. Which of these is not a real pirate rule? A. They couldn’t gamble, B. They had a bedtime, C. If they disagreed on something, they had a democratic vote, D. They are all rules
  12. What were Admiral Horatio Nelson’s last words? A. Thank God I have done my duty, B. Drink, drink. Fan, fan. Rub, rub., C. Kiss me, Hardy, D. They were all said while he was dying


I will add the answers sometime next week.

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