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History Quiz Answers

If you did last week’s history quiz, here are the answers! If you didn’t do the quiz, then click here.

  1. D. Rothschild was a zoologist, so that would explain it.
  2. Richard II ruled after Edward III.
  3. D. Wool hats must be worn on Sundays to support the wool trade, and no one could wear cloaks so they could get to their swords quicker, in case anyone wished to attack the queen. I suppose purple was just a royal looking color.
  4. C. George was German and he didn’t know much English, so Walpole took advantage of it, the sneaky devil.
  5. B. He thought society was overcomplicated (much like spelling the word overcomplicated), so he spent his life using as few possessions as he could.
  6. A. He killed his mother, stepbrother, and at least 2 of his wives. Jeesh.
  7. B. One pilgrim brought 127 pairs of shoes or something. They had very weird priorities.
  8. D. He came up with a lot of phrases.
  9. 5, Henrys VII and VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I.
  10. Clement Attlee. Sorry, don’t have any witty repartee to go with this.
  11. D. Pirates must have just been affected by their over-protective wives.
  12. D. He may have said “Drink drink fan fan rub rub” because he was thirsty, hot and injured. “Thank God I have done my duty” was probably said because he won a battle or something, but “Kiss me, Hardy” is anyone’s guess.

Here’s the score comparison thingy or whatever it’s called!

0-4: WATCH HORRIBLE HISTORIES!!! It’s funny, educational, and maybe a bit immature in the first season (and in a bunch of it actually), but if you have kids that don’t mind such things, I suggest it greatly. It’s on Hulu, if you have it. It’s the non-animated one.

5-8: Nice! You are pretty good at this!

9-12: Congrats! You are the master at useless history tidbits!

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