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Ghostbusters: Dimension Virtual Reality Experience

I visited the virtual reality “Ghostbusters: Dimension” from THE VOID at Madame Tussauds in New York City. It is unlike any kind of VR you have ever tried and is totally worth a visit if you can.

What makes the Ghostbusters: Dimension so very amazing is not the high-tech vest that tracks your movements and also provides some physical sensations (like rumbling or being pushed) or the virtual reality headset and headphones. It is not even the Proton Gun, just like the Ghostbusters from the movie. Once you flip down the visor, you are in the world of Ghostbusters — the people you are with are transformed into other members of your team, in full Ghostbusters costumes and gear.

And that is where the really crazy stuff starts… you step onto a special staged set, but you never actually see it – the hyper-reality technology overlays its own images. You and your teammates get to walk through rooms that match up perfectly with what you’re seeing through the VR headset — complete with ghosts and gargoyles to be blasted!

If you are lucky enough to be in (or visiting) New York City, you should purchase tickets here: ghostbusters.madametussauds.com.

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