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Filona’s 2nd Letter

Saturday, July 27, 1957

Dear Joseph William McKennely,


I am very sorry if I was asking too much about you. I have never met people over letters before, and wasn’t completely sure what to say. I will do my best to give you a reasonable explanation, but I am not completely sure what you mean. I cannot go to Kentucky though.

I do not know why your lawyer thought I was in Oregon, or where that even came from, but the fact that you got it from a lawyer with the same name as my green grocer seems a little suspicious to me. I have known my Frank my whole life, and he has absolutely no experience with legal affairs. I would also trust him with most anything (an example of what I wouldn’t trust him with being legal affairs considering I just asked him what the first amendment is and he gave me a very confused look), and if he says you are okay, than you are okay. I do live in Colorado, however you may not find Penanpa on a map  because it is more of a neighborhood than a town. I know that doesn’t help very much. If it does help however, if I ask you a question that you don’t want to answer, you are in no way obligated to answer. I do not want to make you uncomfortable, I was just trying to make a friend.

I suggest you ask your Frank where he got my information, and I will ask mine. You could ask him what his favorite vegetable, color, and day of the week are to see if he has the same answers as mine. My Frank’s favorite vegetable is arugula, color is azure, and day of the week is Tuesday. He likes arugula because of the way it grows, azure because it reminds him of the color of the sky when he was a kid, and Tuesday because that is when the weekly dance is.


I hope this helps you trust me a little more, but if not, please give me some examples of what would help you trust me more.



Filona Pyrochurn


p.s. I just asked Frank, and he said his brother (who came to visit from Kentucky) gave him your address as someone who wanted a pen pal.

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