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Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 040: ‘Tiny Trees’

Today we talk about my outdoor preschool, Tiny Trees. I sing a couple of songs I've learned and talk about some of our daily activities. We then talk about my current favorite toys 'Star Wars' Mashers! Right now we only have 'Star Wars' ones, but there are 'Avengers' and 'Transformers' ones too, and they can all be mixed together.

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 038: ‘Star Wars Minions’

What geek doesn't love a good mash-up? When we found some 'Star Wars' Minions figures, they immediately went on my wishlist. Grandma Janice couldn't wait until Christmas though, and they arrived a few days later. My mom and baby sister both make guest appearances this episode, and we talk about how boys and girls can both like the same characters and toys.

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