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8 Cat Logic Rules Everyone Should Know

Cats can do some weird things like sitting on random stuff or staring at a spot on the wall. This can be confusing, and so here are some general rules for what they do.

  1.  If I can fit in it I am therefore required to sit in it.
    This happens especially with boxes, but they will sit in other stuff too, like bags or suitcases. Also their idea of “fitting” does not always correlate with what we think of fitting. They will sit in stuff even if they are falling out the sides.
  2. If it can easily be moved by my paw, it must die.
    Cats will play with practically anything if they are the type of cat that plays. From plastic bags to berries to buttons, they will try to play with it. Especially if it is moving in some way.
  3. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.
    In an attempt to hide, sometimes cats will put their face against something, like a wall or their paws.
  4. If there is a thing that is on a thing no matter the size, I must sit on it.
    Cats always seem to find something to sit on. Even if they are in a practically empty room that only has a pencil, they will sit on the pencil.
  5. If it is a mark/shadow/line, it must die.
    Some cats will try to play with stuff even if it doesn’t have a physical substance. Laser pointers are a famous one, but if your watch is shining in the sun, they will try to play with the reflection.
  6. If the human looks like they are going to move, I must sit on them so they can’t move.
    For some reason cats have a radar for this kind of thing. If you are about to stand up to go do something they decide it is cuddle time.
  7. If there is sun on the ground or where I can get to it, I must sit in it.
    Sun! Cats love sitting in the patches of warm sun. Even if the patch is small.
  8. If you are looking at something other than me, I will go in front of it.
    If you are doing something, like reading a book or typing, cats decide that that is not okay, and walk right in front of it or on top of it for attention.

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