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5 Tips for Great Fort Making

Forts can be a lot of fun, but it can be frustrating to have it fall down or not work in the first place. So here are some tips for how to make a great fort.


How make a blanket so that you can tie it to something

1. Find a good spot
This can be difficult, but in most places there is at least one place in your house, especially if you have big blankets. Corners (made by furniture and or walls) usually work the best, but you will need to have some furniture to put your blanket(s) on top of, or tie (to tie a blanket, you can take a corner, pull it through your hand, and use that like a thick ribbon to tie it onto something) your blanket to. If you don’t have a good corner, you can put a bunch of chairs in a circle as a structure and put your blanket over the top anchored down in some way. If you have a large circle, you can attach some smaller blankets to the chairs to make rooms.

Examples of fort materials

Examples of fort materials

2. Materials
You will need at least one good sized blanket, but strings, chairs, other blankets, and pillows can be helpful too. Strings are good if your blanket is just too short so you can still attach it to whatever you were going to, chairs (like I said above) are good for structure, extra blankets can cover up holes, and pillows are good weights to hold down a blanket, though you may need something a little heavier depending on your blanket, and where it is at.

3. Keeping your fort up
Forts can be easy to knock down if you are not careful sometimes, which can be frustrating when you spent a bunch of time working on it. The best thing to keep this from happening is to make sure everything is held down properly and securely, and try to keep pets from going in and out too much. Sometimes though your fort can be a little precarious, and you just have to be careful with it.

4. Comfort
Floors aren’t always the most comfortable, which can make it less fun to be in your fort. To fix this, you can put thicker blankets on the floor of your fort, and pillows against the walls. If you are using chairs, you may not want to lean on them, because then they will probably scoot backwards and, along with not giving a very good back rest, can make the roof collapse.

5. Creativity
Using your imagination, and coming up with new ways to construct a fort can make it even more fun to build a fort. You can, for example, try building it upside down with the blanket in a bowl shape and have it be a floor with the walls pinned on something higher up. You can also add a personal flair like art, or a stuffed animal. Along with that, you can make it a place to do homework, or to read for some functionality.

The biggest thing to make sure you do with your fort though, is to have fun with it. So go on, what are you waiting for? Go build!

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