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5 Magnificent Melty-Bead MCreations to Do in Your Spare Time

If you are bored and have Melty-Beads or Perler Beads or whatever you call them, then here are some things you might do with them.


Create a character or creature from your favorite movie, book or video game. Here I made a Koffing (above), a Pokémon, but you could do Toad, the Enterprise or something.



If you’re feeling hungry, then you may want to put this away or else you might end up being unhealthy due to you eating plastic. But food might sometimes give you comfort. You could make a cake, a cookie, or a brownie, though the latter might not look like a brownie. It would look like… hm… how about something to test your imagination? I see a cow! Or is that the Grim? Oh dear…



Emojis are used many-a-time in texts, but what if you could have a real one? (I don’t care that they already have emoji stuffed animals. Anyway, this one is cheaper and more fun to make.) You could make a happy one for when you’re feeling down, you could make a laughing one for when you need a good laugh, or you could make one up. It’s up to you! And I don’t care that mine looks like a lemon! This is a FREE COUNTRY! *sings The Star-Spangled Banner* Phew, that’s better. Now where were we? Oh, right, the next one.



If you like reading, this one may be for you. If it has drawings on the cover, you could do that, but books can be awesome even without pictures. You can do little black beads for text on the cover, or red or green or whatever color the text is in. This book is The Joy of Writing: An Autobiography by Gladys Gegenschnitsel, my second favorite book. My favorite is How To Tiptoe While Playing A Tuba by Dennis Kenter. He’s French, so his name is pronounced Danwa Kanteŕŕ.

(Note: Neither of these books actually exist, and neither do the authors, but they are here for entertainment. If you have one of these names, give me your parents’ numbers so I can congratulate them on giving their child an absolutely awesome name. (Note 2: Don’t actually call me btw))



Finally, you could make your own flag. It can have any colors or pictures you like on it, and no one (not me, anyway) will tease you for it. I wrote a haiku about mine. *Ahem*

Ah, blue teeth and gums.
Nature is so beautiful.
Chewing all day long.

I hope this may help to quench your boredom. And if you don’t have these beads, I hope I made you laugh.

P.S. The M in front of Creations is there on purpose, I just wanted everything to start with an M.

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