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This category is for content written for kids 10-14. This category should always have content rated G, and subject material should be no higher than PG-13.

History Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to last week's history quiz!

History Quiz Questions

Do you like history? Well, if you like useless history tidbits, then this is the quiz for you!

Pokemon Quiz Answers

If you did my Pokemon Quiz last week, then here are your answers!

Pokemon Quiz Questions

GeekKidJack comes up with some Pokémon questions! Can you answer all 21?

5 Magnificent Melty-Bead MCreations to Do in Your Spare Time

Are you bored? If you have Melty/Perler Beads, here are some things you can make with them.

How to Defeat an Evil Warlord

Jack writes yet another amazing adventure tale in short story form.

The Joys of Immortality

Lester Hangen is 7 years old. His parents go adventuring never to return, but Lester knows they are still alive. How will Lester find them?

PAX West 2016: All the Games!

I went to PAX West 2016 and it was great.

An Encounter With Aliens

A gripping tale of a young girl who goes out on a quest to save her very big family.

Ghostbusters: Dimension Virtual Reality Experience

I visited the virtual reality "Ghostbusters: Dimension" from THE VOID at Madame Tussauds in New York City... it is AMAZING.

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